The VSI, association system integrators, is the branch organization of installing audiovisual companies. The members meet important requirements in expertise, experience, independence and continuity. In other words: a member of the VSI offers you the best guarantee for the quality you expect when you give an assignment for an audiovisual installation. All members of the VSI together annually suplly some thousands of projects. Moreover they ensure service and maintenance. The VSI allows the membership to professional audiovisual companies who:

  • realise their sales turnover mainly from the supply of audiovisual systems;
  • are independent and not related in any way to a brand;
  • have proven capabilities in designing, installing, maintaining and repairing audiovisual systems;
  • are financially healthy;
  • educate and train their employees;
  • have a well-known reputation in the branch and in general;
  • meet the audit on these points and the quality document by an audit company.

At this time most of the well-respected audiovisual companies in the Netherlands are member of the VSI, which leads to a representation of appr. 70% marketshare in the Netherlands. More information you can find in the brochure that you can download in the Dutch part of this website. On the homepage you can also view a videofim about the VSI..