Arbitration Council

Sometimes the parties to a dispute cannot come to an agreement when there is a difference of opinion. The relationship can sometimes even deteriorate to such an extent that the courts must become involved. But there is another way: the VSI Arbitration Council (VGA, VSI Geschillen Adviesraad). Whether the dispute concerns the execution of an audiovisual project, the technical quality of an installation or a difference of opinion on financial matters, if a client and an audiovisual supplier (a VSI member) cannot reach agreement together, then they can ask the VGA to arbitrate. The VGA is an independent part of the VSI. Its goal is to mediate in disputes related to audiovisual installations in the broadest sense of the word.

Composition of the arbitration council

Three members are appointed to the arbitration council for each dispute. The technical knowledge and experience of these members is as closely related as possible to the subject of the dispute. The chairperson of the council is always an independent lawyer or mediator. He or she makes the final decision. The other members of the arbitration council do not have a vote: they can only advise the chairperson on the basis of their technical, administrative or financial knowledge and experience. One of the members acts as the secretary and takes responsibility for reporting. An official secretary may also be appointed.